What to do it emails to which you’ve subscribed are missing or are put in your spam folder

Various GASP Solutions client run opt-in subscription mailing lists. We regularly get reports that emails sent by our clients are missing or end up in a spam folder.

Here’s some things you can do to help stop the emails that you’ve subscribed to being lost:

  • Check your spam folder. Sometimes emails are incorrectly treated as spam because to the mailbox provider the email looks like marketing junk. If the email is there then adding the email address of the sender to your email address book often ensures that their emails aren’t treated as spam.
  • If you download your email to your PC (eg. if you use Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird) then you may have one spam folder on your PC and another online. You should check your email provider’s online spam folder as well as the spam folder on your PC. Log on to your webmail and check the spam folder there; add the email address of the sender to your webmail address book as well as the address book on your PC.
  • Many mailing lists are only occasional, maybe one message every month or so. This is not a problem, it’s just that they don’t want to bother you until they’ve got something important to say.
  • Maybe you mis-typed your email address when you registered for the mailing list – if you’ve never heard from this mailing list then try to register again.
  • Your email address has changed since you joined the mailing list – try to update your registration or just register again.
  • For mailing lists belonging to annual membership organisations check whether your membership has expired.

If all of the above fails, contact the web site owner (not GASP Solutions please) for them to check whether you are on their mailing list and to confirm whether the mailing list has had any recent messages.

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