Our Skills

GASP Solutions is led by Gavin Spittlehouse, who works with technical, creative and business partners to deliver solutions to clients.

About Gavin Spittlehouse:

  • Over 2o years of professional IT solution development experience.
  • Holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Imperial Collage, University of London (graduated 1989).
  • Has been developing web sites and building web infrastructure since 1996.
  • Since forming GASP Solutions in 2008, has worked extensively with WordPress, Drupal, MySQL, PHP and Linux.
  • Previously worked extensively with Java, SQL, Linux and UNIX, also has significant professional experience in enterprise middleware and Windows development skills (mainly .NET and C#).
  • Strong business skills from 15 years working in medium and large commercial enterprises and 12 years running his own businesses.
  • Aims to produce a low risk plan with incremental delivery and strong customer involvement.
  • Extensive project management and development team management experience, mainly rapid customer-focused techniques.
  • Continually update his technical skills and the tools and building blocks he uses.

GASP Solutions continually updates our team of partners and we share our knowledge with others in the industry through various online and local forums.